We are dedicated to the principles of good citizenship, sportsmanship, and knowledge in the competitive fundamentals of the game of football and cheerleading. We are East Hampton Youth Football and Cheerleading Association.

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East Hampton Hawks Cheerleading Program:


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Here at our EH Hawks Cheerleading program, we pride ourselves to keep up our reputation of having professional cheer coaches who practice teamwork and safety with all our athletes. We promote positive health and behavioral traits for all, and accept all levels of cheerleaders! There are NO tryouts. We believe that this youth program is a fantastic way for the kids of our community to learn how to work well with others, stay active, and become leaders of the future! They also learn to have pride in their community, while having fun and supporting our football players throughout the fall season.



  • East Hampton Youth Football and Cheerleading Association is a member of the Northern Connecticut Football League (NCFL). This is a local league consisting of teams from Colchester, Coventry, Enfield, Ellington, Plainfield (Canterbury, Griswold, and Sterling), RHAM ( Hebron, Andover, and Marlborough), Stafford (Stafford and Somers), Tolland, and WPTP( Woodstock, Putnam, Thompson and Pomfret). We will compete at our competition against these towns and have games throughout the season in these towns and/or at our home field at the East Hampton Middle School.
  • As soon as our Hawks season is over, the East Hampton Middle School cheer season begins which allows our A and B squad cheerleaders to go right into their winter season with their school, and compete for the EHMS. Once the 8th graders go onto high school, they will have the opportunity to progress onto the varsity cheer squad with more difficult competition, and much experience behind them!


  • Our program is run by Cheer Director Alexa Paddock, who also serves our town as the Head Coach of the Varsity cheerleaders at the Middle School. Alexa is also a volunteering member of our Hawks Board and a Head coach to one of our Hawks cheerleading squads. Alexa is a certified coach through the state of Connecticut and has coached and volunteered in our program for many years. She is assisted by Caty Dipace, the Co-Cheer Director of the Hawks. Caty has spent countless hours volunteering for the Hawks organization over the years. She is also a member of our Hawks board as well as a certified cheer squad coach. If at anytime you have any concerns, or questions or concerns please reach out to us at
  • All of our coaches are VOLUNTEERS and should be respected by all parents as such.

These volunteers spend countless hours coaching the cheerleaders to the best of their abilities, and go through a background check. They have all completed a concussion safety training course and are all safety certified through the American Association of Cheerleading coaches and administrators (AACCA).



  • Registration starts in February/March each year, and an open house is made available to all incoming new and returning Hawks cheerleaders. Each squad will hold up to 25 cheerleaders, so sign up early to ensure that your child has a spot. If more sign up then allowed for, we will take first come first serve unless we can create a second team. We do not hold tryouts, all cheerleaders are welcome.


All required documents include:

  • NCFL registration page (with photo an original attached)
  • A signed physician statement
  • The fundraiser form
  • Player/Parent code of conduct form
  • Attendance Form
  • Copy of Birth Certificate (If New)
  • Payment in full

All of these forms are due by August 1st or your cheerleader will not practice. Every family will be responsible for fundraising. Each Cheer family will be assigned to a week of Mat help which involves one person per family helping to set up and put away mats. Schedules will be sent out for this.

  • If the player/parent code of conduct is not followed throughout the year, the parent will be asked to remove themselves from the program. This form must be signed by every parent.


  • EH Hawks is open to residents of East Hampton, as well as Portland and East Haddam. We currently have five different squads A, B, C, D, and Mascots. The teams are broken down by age of the current year by December 31st.


14 years old by December 31st

13 years old by December 31st


12 years old by December 31st

11 years old by December 31st


10 years old by December 31st

9 years old by December 31st


8 years old by December 31st

7 years old by December 31st


6 years old by December 31st

5 years old by December 31st

  • The cheerleaders must be at least five years old by December 31st of the playing year. These squads could change by age due to the enrollment numbers from year to year, and are decided by the Hawks Board of Directors.


  • Our season starts August 1 and runs through early November, and the squads practice 2 days a week. They cheer on sidelines of Saturday’s or Sunday’s football games.
  • From August 1st through September 1st they practice outdoors on the middle school field. On September 1st,  they move inside to the middle school gym and or cafeteria where they will practice on cheer mats.
  • We attend one competition near the end of our season. This competition could take place any time between late October and early November. This competition is usually an early Saturday morning and we compete against surrounding towns in the state of Connecticut. We will know the date ahead of time, although we usually will not know the exact times and information until closer to competition. All information on competition will be communicated as soon as we become informed by the NCFL league.
  • A complete schedule of games will be provided to all registered families as soon as the game times are received from the NCFL.
  • Weather: Please expect to attend all practices and games despite weather. We will cancel practice based on extreme heat or rain/thunderstorms. All information on practice/game cancellations will be posted to our Facebook page and via email/text.


  •  Uniforms will be provided for all the cheerleaders, this will include a tank top for hot weather, a skirt, a long sleeve top and a jacket. Bows for games and competition will be provided as well. Girls must wear their hair up in a ponytail with a hair tie and their bow to every event. Please have your child come prepared as we do not want to be without a piece of their uniform during a game/competition. The cheerleaders will be fitted over their clothing in August and will receive their uniform prior to the first game. All uniforms must be returned at the end of the season by the time of our awards night. Uniforms are numbered and kept track of at the beginning of the season. If a uniform is not turned in by the end of the season you will be charged $100 to replace their uniform.


  • White no-show socks
  • White Cheer sneakers must be purchased for safety reasons prior to September 1st when we move into the Gym.
  • A basic black Cami tank to be worn under uniform tops.
  • Short black bloomers must be worn under skirts.
  • The cami and bloomers must be all black. In the cold weather, basic black leggings may be worn under their skirt and an all black winter hat/headband and gloves may be worn as well to stay warm.


  • Cotton/Lycra clothing is best for practice, including T-shirts, and shorts, white no-show socks, cheer shoes as of September 1st.

Rules required for participation- for safety and competition reasons please follow the rules below:

  • No jewelry of any kind including fit bits, rings, toe rings, bellybutton rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, nose rings, tongue, and eyebrow rings.
  • Do you not get your child’s ears pierced before the season begins as earrings must come out while practicing.
  • Hair must be pulled up into a hair tie.
  • No make up
  • No barrettes or large hair clips
  • No Jean shorts, skirts or skorts can be worn or tanks with spaghetti straps.
  • Bloomers are required to cheer at games and competition.
  • No gum
  • No showing of any type of clothing under uniforms.
  • Coaches are not responsible for lost items.


  • Attendance is important in the cheer program, it is critical that the girls are there for practice when they are involved in stunting. Stunting requires repetition for safety, and the cheerleaders are grouped together for their varied strengths. If one cheerleader is missing it is common for their group to not be able to stunt at that practice, which puts them behind for the competition routines.
  • While we understand that there will be other commitments, we ask that during our short season you’re child attend each and every practice/game if possible. We strongly support other sports and activities that enhance our athletes abilities as a cheerleader. We ask that any conflicts be brought forth to the directors at the beginning of the season. Special accommodations may be made and approved by the cheer director for those who come forth before the season begins with their extracurricular conflicts or health conflicts.
  • Cheerleaders are to be on time for the games ONE HOUR prior to the game start time. The cheerleaders should have already eaten and should be ready and prepared to start practicing. Cheerleaders should come with your hair up and bows in. We take the hour before games to practice stunting and half time routines.
  • If there is a tardy cheerleader, they will not perform in the halftime routine for the game, if you are aware that you were going to be coming late to a game please inform your coaches as soon as possible.


For both practices and games Attendsnce will be recorded as follows:


If your child will be on vacation in the month of August, please alert the Cheer Director prior to the start of the season.


As of September 1st through the competition date:


Each athlete will have 2 unexcused absences which can be used at your discretion. Please note you will not be able to use the 2 unexcused absences two weeks prior to competition. If your child misses more than 2 practices in the 2 weeks before competition your child risks being removed from a stunt group if necessary. While  we understand that we cannot control sickness or injury, please make sure that if your child is going to miss because of this that you bring a doctors note to excuse the absences. Competitions may not be missed. If your child will not be at competition, coaches need to be made aware as soon as possible so they may adjust their stunt groups accordingly. This attendance policy was put into place so that all athletes participating will be at the same commitment level.


Summer Schedule to be attached as soon as available.